ExtraWebcam End of Support Notice

Customer support is not available for ExtraWebcam now, but if you have got ExtraWebcam working you can generate a key for free using the form below.

The Key Generator Form

Email that you can use you to reach authors is: retired@extrawebcam.com
BTC wallet in case you wish to donate is: 18KhNgbVMNTc1m9QEcBoZNYVwLr7Hqde31

Buy ExtraWebcam

You can buy ExtraWebcam online and secure via share-it.com service: share-it.com

The price is $9.95

Following payment types accepted:
Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diner's Club
Debit cards: Maestro/Solo (UK)
Online wire transfers: giropay (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands), IPS (China)
Also: bank wire transfers, PayPal, checks, money orders, cash, purchase orders, direct debit


When you get the software installed, camera connected and turned on and if everything else is ok you'll see video coming from your camera in viewfinder window.

Switch to BUY tab, check that your name is correct there, click on Edit if needed to change the name stored in the camera. If no owner name set in your camera yet you can set it by clicking Edit. When the name is correct click Next.

On the next page you'll see the OWNERID code, this code identifies your copy it's generated based on your owner name, you can copy it to the clipboard by clicking on the Copy button, then click GO and switch to your browser's window to fill order forms. When requested copy the OWNERID into appropriate field by pressing Ctrl+V or by pressing right mouse button on the OWNERID field and selecting Paste. Then complete the registration process.

After you complete the registration process you'll get your license key displaying on the web site and also you'll receive it by e-mail. Copy the license key text by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C then switch to ExtraWebcam window and paste it in the appropriate field by pressing Paste button or Ctrl+C key combination.

After you click Next your key will be saved and you'll be switched to the viewfinder window where you'll see video coming from your camera without any labels. Keep the e-mail with license key in case you'll need to install ExtraWebcam on another computer or reinstall it.

Note that before ordering the product on share-it.com website you need to obtain your OWNER_ID code by runinng ExtraWebcam demo application.